How To Get Perfect Amplification Curves

Below instructions will help you to get clear and correct signal curves to be able to evaluate your results easily.

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Why LongGene RT-PCR instruments ?

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  • How are gene expression (Relative Quantification) studies done?

    Gene expression analysis by quantitative reverse transcription PCR (qRT–PCR) allows accurate quantifications of messenger RNA (mRNA) levels over different samples. Create two targets with the same SYBR DYE; Name your GENE (red) and REFERENCE gene (Green: GAPDH or Beta Actin) Use 2 (two) separate reaction tubes with the same sample name for […]

  • How to check the performance of the thermal gradient block?

    Real time PCR instruments has two main functions; thermal block and optical module, new generation peltiers control the heating and cooling sensitivity, LED excitation source and new generation CCD cameras are stated in the optical module. So, to check the performance of a RT-PCR; you have to check the performance […]

  • What could be the reason of poor RT-PCR results?

    Achieving accurate and reliable results depends on: diagnostic kit, RNA prep solution, swap for sampling, disposables (pipette tips, strip tubes and plates for RT-PCR) and instrument.  Possible Reasons of Poor Results; Not to store IVD kit at -20 C in a deep freezer (Please check the expiration date) To use […]


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