Interpreting Your Results

How are gene expression (Relative Quantification) studies done?

Gene expression analysis by quantitative reverse transcription PCR (qRT–PCR) allows accurate quantifications of messenger RNA (mRNA) levels over different samples. Create two targets with the same SYBR DYE; Name your GENE (red) and REFERENCE gene (Green: GAPDH or Beta Actin) Use 2 (two) separate reaction tubes with the same sample name for […]

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RT-PCR Result: No Amplification

To check whether no amplification is caused by kir or instrument; Deselect the Subtract Baseline and Normalization functions If the lines are unexpected curves as above then it proves that instrument is collection data so you have to focus on your protocol or kits If the there is only a […]

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RT-PCR Result: Lower Amplification

Low amplification plots may be caused by; Low quality PCR strip tubes, optical tubes, plates or sealing may be used Master mix may be melted many times (more than 3 times), efficiency may be down Kits may be out of date, please check the expiration dates of the RNA isolation […]

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